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Rome Turtles Dream Palazzo Costaguti Piazza Mattei 4 bedroom apartment terrace views

Navona - Campo de' Fiori

The Turtles' Dream

Panoramic terrace - roof garden with Rome views

Elegant, bright panoramic 4 bedroom apartment, in historical stately palace overlooking the Turtle Fountain.
4 ample double bedrooms, 3 bathr., amazing frescoed sitting room w. antique coffered wooden ceiling, large dining-kitchen, 2 fitted terraces of which one panoramic with views of Rome's sights and domes.
High ceilings, tasteful furniture, modern appliances, all mod cons. Inviting, cozy and charming property, accommodating max. 8 persons in real beds.

  • Elevator;
  • Air conditioning / heating in each room;
  • Internet Wi-Fi high speed internet;
  • Colour TV with international and English/American channels;
  • Complete kitchen equipment, finest dishes, glassware; Washing machine, clothes dryer, iron, iron board, dishwasher;
  • Microwave, mixer, toaster, electronic scales;
  • Italian coffee pots, American coffee percolator, tea kettle
  • Baby stroller, SAFE;
  • Detailed property and area booklet with photos, map;
  • Nearby: grocers, shops, cafes, restaurants, delis, hammam & massage, beauty centre, hairdresser, jogging & bike track.

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The wonderful apartment is endowed with a panoramic terrace, with views of Rome's sights and domes. It is a roof garden, with plants, including small lemon trees, little palm trees, a honeysuckle, roses, laurel, flowers etc. The sights, the monuments, and the church domes will appear closer than these photos show, as they were taken with wide-angle lens. This page is about the terrace itself, its layout and furniture. Please also visit the page with the photos of all the sights that you can see from the terrace, and the page about the panoramic views from the terrace.

Rome Turtles Dream Navona Campo Fiori four bedroom panoramic terrace old Rome apartment
The terrace is endowed with table and chairs to dine "al fresco", amidst Rome's sights and domes. This is a South prospective with view of (from left to right): Palazzo Mattei (built 1616), Vittoriale Monument in Piazza Venezia (built 1911 to symbolize Italy's reunion), Church of Aracoeli (it stands on the ancient temple of Juno Moneta on Capitol Hill), Capitol Hill (Campidoglio in Italian), where you find the Municipality (since 753 BC!), the Palazzo dei Conservatori and the Capitoline Museum. You see then the Palatine Hill, the Church of Santa Maria in Campitelli, the dome of the Abbey of Saint Ambrose (Sant'Ambrogio in Italian), the dome of the Church Sant'Angelo in Pescheria, the Threatre of Marcellus, the silhouette of the Alban Hills or Roman Castles in the distance (in clear days you can see the summer residence of the Pope).


Opposite view of the terrace, showing its width, well divided in functional areas. As you can see, the terrace is also endowed with a most elegant sitting area, with modern design, made of "Rattan". You also find ample deck chairs and a large parasol.


A closer view of the sitting area, made of "Rattan", and which comprises a sofa sitting three persons, two ample armchairs, and an ample table with glass cover. The colour is light brown, while the large cushions are dark green.


Opposite view of the sitting and dining areas, taken with the perspective as you sit on the sofa, and watch the terrific views. Please see the page with the photos of all the sights you can see from the terrace.

Let's see another view, from behind the sitting area, and near the parasol.

Opposite view of the terrace, taken near the deck chairs, and also near its entry. The door to the left leads to a storage room, in which rarely our personnel has to enter. Its door as you can see, is separated from the rest of the terrace by a grating which in a few monts will be entirely covered by a honeysuckle plant, which has flowers with a most pleasant scent.


View of the deck chairs area, in the initial part of the terrace. They have wheels and thus they can be moved in other positions, at leisure (for ex. under the parasol, or in the more panoramic area of the terrace).


North view from the dining area, with view of the Church of Jesus (main church of the Jesuite Order), the Church of St. Ignatius, and the dome of the Pantheon. Please see the page with the photos of all the sights you can see from the terrace.


West perspective from the dining area, with view of the main Jewish Synagogue, and in the distance of the quarters of Ostiense, Garbatella and EUR.

Let's give now a closer look to some details of the terrace / roof garden.

In a corner of the terrace, past the deck chairs, you find now two large cabinets, including respectively a cupboard with shelves (useful to store dishes, cutlery etc.) and a fridge / freezer, useful to store food and drinks without having to go to the kitchen every time..


Some details of the terrace plants. Left: line-up of rose vases. Right: one of two dwarf peach trees. You also find a lemon tree, a chica palm, and many others.

For a detailed presentation of the rooms, please go to the INDEX on top of this page

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