Rome map with indication of apartments for rent

Rome map

Our enhanced Rome map is the most detailed of Rome's centre. It shows not only the main streets, squares and sights, but also all the fountains, churches, stairways, even the smallest streets!
(1) To view the map, click on a section, then zoom-in /out with the small zoom panel to the right, and move the section in all four directions by clicking your mouse on the four arrows.
(2) To find the exact location of our quality Rome apartments for rent, please find the instructions below the map.

To find the location of an apartment:

(a) Scroll down the list of apartments to the right, and click on its name. The section of the map where the apartment is located will be selected.

(b) Zoom-in (or out) the section, it will enable you to see all the details. You can also move the section in four directions following the four arrows. The red glowing circles indicate the precise location of the apartments.

(c) If you click on the red circle, more information on the apartment will appear. And if you click the next arrow, you will be brought to the pages presenting the apartment.

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