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Rome Jewish Quarter or Ghetto, the neighboorhood

There are many interesting shops, cafes, craftsmen, art shops, restaurants and sites in the Jewish quarter, and in the neighborhood around it. At every stroll, you'll discover new ones.

"THE TURTLES' DREAM": wonderful four bedroom three bathrooms, amazing sitting room, separate large dining room / kitchen, terrace in historical palace facing the Turtle Fountain. Elevator. New! Highly recommended (up to 8 persons).

"CARAVAGGIO", a large, fine and quaint studio, with separate kitchen, bathroom, foyer (2 persons).

"MARCO POLO", a one bedroom, sitting room attic with large roof garden with spectacular views of all Rome (2-3 persons). Elevator.

"ROMAN VISTA": elegant 3 bedroom 3 bathroom apartment, with sitting room and separate dining room, with panoramic views of old Rome, in an elegant historical palace facing the famous Tortoise fountain. Daily cleaning (4-8 persons). Elevator.

"ROME DOMES": fine 2 bedroom 2 bathroom attic, with sitting room, dining room, large open plan kitchen, 2 utmost panoramic terraces with views of Rome's domes, in an elegant historical palace facing the famous Tortoise fountain. Daily cleaning (4-5 persons). Elevator.

"TORTOISES": Finest 3 bedroom 3 bathroom apartment with sitting room, dining room, large terrace with views, in an elegant historical palace facing the famous Tortoise fountain. Excellent fittings and equipment. Daily cleaning. (3-6 persons). Elevator.

The neighbourhood has a richness of choice of grocers, shops, antique dealers, bookshops, cafes, restaurants, clubs, pubs and cultural societies.

Rome Jewish ghetto neighborhood silverware shop
"Antico Forno del Ghetto" (The Ghetto's ancient baker), in Piazza Costaguti 30/31. The pizza and bread are kosher. They prepare a large variety of bread types, and they also sell groceries.
"Argent", in Via dei Falegnami 22 (tel. 066861150), a fine Jewish silverware shop. Besides the traditional religious Judaica items, you will be charmed especially by the Cabala and magical jewellery, and by the courtesy of the owner Mr. Cohen.

Because many shops sell typically Jewish items, you will be under the impression that the quarter has a homogenous character. Yet a careful look will reveal that in the maze of streets there is an amazing variety of styles and cultural trends. You'll find a very delightful, friendly atmosphere, based on the cordial relations between people with different talents, outlooks, and beliefs.

Rome Jewish ghetto neighborhood kosher fast food and Judaica shop Rome Jewish ghetto neighborhood kosher snack food
YUD, a Judaica shop, and "Bete Avon", a Jewish Kosher traditional sandwich shop (exterior), both in the street Via Portico d'Ottavia.
"Bete Avon" (interior photo), address Via Portico d'Ottavia 1/b, Jewish Kosher sandwich shop, with dairy fast food, following old Rome's recipes.

Among non-Jewish stores, for ex. in Via dei Falegnami (Carpenter's street) you find restaurants and boutiques.

Rome Jewish ghetto neighborhood family-run snack bar

(Top) "Da Benito" (At Benito's), a family-run snack bar and "trattoria" (local food restaurant) in Via dei Falegnami 14.
(Right): Working class buildings with clothes hanging out, and aristocratic palaces - side by side in Via della Reginella.



Rome Jewish ghetto neighborhood poor and aristocratic palaces side by side

In Via della Reginella (Little Queen Street) there is a hotchpotch of shops, some of which with creative owners. In fact, you find an old books dealer, a tea-room, the Maccabi cultural club, sculptors and artists.

(Right): The Old prints shop in Via della Reginella 26/28. You will find here rare papers, books, postcards, paintings, photos etc. which you never thought existed. The owner Giuseppe Casetti - as it occurs with Romans - is volatile, cranky or friendly. Yet in an un-Roman fashion he works hard, and he is very keen and helpful on the subject. He adds intrigue to the place.


Rome Jewish ghetto neighborhood old prints shop

On the way to Campo de' Fiori and Piazza Navona, you reach the square Largo di Torre Argentina. Notably, you find two old newsstands, and also ancient Roman Republican Temples.

Rome Jewish ghetto neighborhood old newsstand Rome Jewish ghetto neighborhood tram n. 8
The old newsstand in Largo di Torre Argentina
Tram n. 8, an institution in Rome

In this square you also find the little station of Tram n. 8, which is actually a light railway, leaving every few minutes, and leading to Trastevere, all the way to the railway station Stazione Trastevere (it is the best transport means to the Porta Portese flea market, to Trastevere, and to the Janiculum hill, with the most stunnning, panoramic views of Rome - you will find the link to these sites in the lower part of this page).

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