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Piazza Navona - Campo de' Fiori: "Marco Polo" -

Panoramic penthouse with terrace

A two bedroom, two bathroom, kitchen corner, sitting room attic with ample terrace with spectacular views of all Rome, accommodating up to four persons.

  • Telephone,
  • colour TV with satellite dish,
  • air conditioning,
  • elevator
  • washing machine,
  • dishwasher,
  • autonomous heating,
  • American coffee percolator

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You are thinking about coming to Rome and have an apartment near all the sites? Why not an attic where from you can SEE THEM ALL! Welcome to a corner of Paradise! Up there, amids the skies and clouds of Rome, you truly can embrace the Eternal City. This attic is so beautiful and with so many aspects that we prepared two pages for it:

(a) the ample terrace with view of all Rome (this page)
(b) the interior of the penthouse - attic


There are very few attics with terrace having such views in Rome, and since they are owned by very wealthy persons, or belong to historical / institutional "palazzi", they are not rented, let alone for a short period. Amidst the skies and clouds, and under the starry nights you will experience unique sensations. You will also experience a cultural survey, as if you were a geographer, singling out a belfry or dome, going after in the quarter where you thought it should be located, trying to find it in the map.

Navona Chiesa della Pace view from terrace

View from the terrace: the Church Santa Maria della Pace

This is why the apartment is named after Marco Polo, the great Italian explorer. The *private* terrace is appr. 70 Sq. Mt. large (appr. 750 Sq. Ft.). The terrace allows stunning 360 degrees panoramic views of all Rome.

Rome Chiesa Pace attic terrace seen from its door

The left photo shows the terrace seen when one stands on the door giving access to it from the sitting room. Here you find a large wrought iron table to dine out, with chairs seating 8 persons. The right photo shows instead the opposite view, from the table. You can see the entrance to the terrace from the sitting room of the penthouse.

The right photo shows the view of the Altar of the Fatherland, also called Vittoriano (it is the high, white monument with two winged chariots on top), and also the top of the dome of the Church of Jesus (Chiesa del Gesu'), the main church of the Jesuite order to which the present Pope Francis belongs, then as we proceed to the right you can see the spiral dome of the Church St. Ivo alla Sapienza by architect Francesco Borromini, and finally the belfry of Rome's municipality, which is located on top of Capitol Hill (Campidoglio in Italian).

The Altar of Fatherland was ended in 1911 (designed by architect Sacconi), to celebrate the reunion of Italy occurred in 1861, under the King Victor Emmanuel II. It also hosts the unknown soldier of WW1, for which it is called "Altare della Patria", or Altar of the Fatherland.
American soldiers during WW2 nicknamed it "The wedding cake", while Romans wittily call it "The type writer machine" because of its shape.

Navona Chiesa Pace view of the Vittoriano Altar of the Fatherland monument

You can also see at a closer look part of the Palazzo Venezia, the palace which was embassy of the Republic of Venice and also seat of Mussolini's office (it is the one having the famous balcony where from he spoke to the crowds); you can also single out the flying saucer shape of the dome of the Pantheon, the largest in Rome (43.3 Mt., larger than St. Peter's!), and - among others - the dome of the Church Santa Maria in Valicella (also called Chiesa Nuova), the Torre delle Milizie or "Torre Spaccata" (broken tower), the Borghese Gardens, the Villa Medici, the dome of the Church San Carlo al Corso.

The right photo shows another view: the Castel Sant'Angelo, the fortress built on top of the mausoleum of emperor Hadrian and of his dinasty.

The castle was modified through the historical eras, and it became a safe haven for the Pope when Rome was besieged (for ex. during the sack of Rome of 1527 by the Lansquenets of the Spanish king Charles V.

Behind the castle you can see the lower part of the hill Monte Mario, where the Cavelieri Hilton Hotel is situated.

Navona Chiesa Pace attic, the dome of Santa Maria della Pace


Left photo: some of the many domes visible from the terrace.

The domes, appearing in a procession, belong respectively from left to right, to the churches: Santa Maria della Pace, Sant'Agnes (whose facade and entrance are in Piazza Navona), Sant'Andrea della Valle with facade and entrance in the avenue Corso Victor Emmanuel II, and finally San Carlo ai Catinari, located between the Campo de' Fiori and Jewish quarter.

One can also see the Bothanical Garden and the Janiculum, i.e. the hill with a beautiful park overlooking Rome.

Penthouse Church Santa Maria Pace, St. Peter view


Terrace, left side. The magnificent and imposing facade and dome of the Basilica of St. Peter, and view also of the Vatican.

The dome was designed by Michelangelo, although it was completed after his death. It is 136 Mt. high, app. 446 Ft. It is possible to climb all the way to the pinnacle of the dome, where from an aerial view of Rome is seen, from a circular balcony. From the terrace of the penthouse, with careful look, or with the help of a binocular, the people standing on the balcony can be seen.

As mentioned, it is also possible to see the Janiculum Hill, and the statue of Garibaldi dominating Rome, and the (blank) burst of the old cannon at noon commemorating the independence war of 1849, in which the Roman patriots after an uprising against the Pope Pius IX proclaimed the Roman Republic. The pope called the French Army (a super-power at that time) to crush them. It was not a walk as they thought, as it took 4 months of bloody battles in the Janiculum to capture the town. Near the statue of Garibaldi you can also see the Lighthouse of Manfredi (donation of the Italians of South American to symbolize the fraternity among Italians), where from you have the widest panoramic view of Rome. You can also see the Fontana dell'Acqua Paola at the Janiculum, and the Church San Pietro in Montorio (where it was believed initially that St. Peter was martyirized, we now know that he was executed at the Vatican).


Campo de' Fiori panoramic attic with terrace and 360 views of Rome

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