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Odissea Veneziana - Rondo' Veneziano

Rome Vatican quarter


Vatican (Via Veniero): a two bedroom apt., with sitting room, bathroom accommodating up to 4 persons

Rome's Vatican is the smallest state in the world, while St. Peter's Basilica is the largest in the world.

St. Peter, Bernini's colonnade, the Angelicum palace and the Vatican during a summer Papal audience,
held in the ample space embraced by the colonnade.


The photo to the left shows an aerial view of St. Peter's taken from a hot air baloon (montgolfier). You can single out Bernini's colonnade, the facade of St. Peter's, Michaelangelo's dome, and the Vatican Palace where the Pope lives.

Click here for a complete aerial panoramic view of St. Peter and of the Vatican .

Click here instead here for the panoramic view of Bernini's colonnade and of St. Peter's.

One of the fountains encircled by the colonnade, seen from the centre (focus) of the ellipses

Fountain: close-up

Fountain, with view of the window of the Pope's apartment in the background.

St. Peter: interior view

The amazing canopy, made of massive bronze

Michelangelo's dome: interior view

St. Peter's, the apse by Bernini

The site where Charles Magne was crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in the year 800 AD

Cherubim... larger than persons

The statue of St. Peter, whose foot is worn by the kisses of the faithful

Rome Michelangelo's Pieta'

Michelangelo's Pieta'


Bernini's Holy Spirit

The mystical representation of the Holy Spirit by Bernini, in the apse, behind the main altar



The engraved marks in the Basilica showing the size of the other most important basilicas in the world, and thus how smaller they are compared to St. Peter's

Monsignors meeting under the colonnade

Priest in St. Peter's

Swiss guards on duty at the Bronze door

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Rome Vatican quarter

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