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Rome Vatican quarter: Borgo Pio, Prati, and the shopping areas


Vatican (Via Veniero): a two bedroom apt., with sitting room, bathroom, accommodating up to 4 persons

Borgo Pio: the main street of the quarter, with view in the background of Porta Angelica
Borgo Pio: fountain, ivi-clad old palazzi, new and old generations around the fountain

Shops and markets

The Vatican Quarter, also called as mentioned Borgo or Prati, has among the best shopping facilities in Rome. There are many fine shops, in particular boutiques, and food shops. In particular one finds: - a large, closed market in Via Cola di Rienzo. It is easily recognizable, for its whitish facade, and also for it sort of Old Spain fashion. Inside you will find many stalls and shops, with a large variety of foodstuff.

The lively and well assorted Trionfale market in Via Cola di Rienzo

Also famous is the Trionfale market, near the subway stop Ottaviano, with a superb variety of groceries stores, given also its large clientele, made both of Romans and foreigners living in Rome. Prices are reasonable, compared to other grocery stores in the centre.

Trionfale market

Nuns shopping in the market

Another famous grocery store is Castroni, which is probably the most endowed with international food stuff. You will find here, section after section, various groceries of many countries. Arab, Jewish and Middle Eastern, Mexican, Philipino, Far East, all possible English jams and marmalades, American foodstuff (pancakes, chocolate pies etc.). The grocery store is also a bar, where you can sample freshly ground coffee (the house produces its own variants, and you can find American coffee as well - Maxwell for ex.).

Castroni: the temple of those who like international food


Rome Vatican quarter

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