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Rome, VIA SISTINA: the chic street
on top of the Spanish Steps

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Very popular with visitors to Rome, the Spanish Steps (Scalinata di Spagna) and the adjacent piazza and church date back to 1725. Although they were built with a legacy from the French, they were named after the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See (the embassy is still situated in the piazza.)

The striking architecture of the area was designed by Pope Sixtus V, a renowned town planner of the time. Through the centuries, millions of visitors have walked the Spanish Steps and admired their timeless beauty.

The marble plate of Piazza Trinita' dei Monti

The views of Rome from the piazza are spectacular, one can see a forest of domes over the silhoutte of the roofs.


"VALENTINO" (Via Sistina): endowed with a patio and a large terrace with amazing views of all Rome, this elegant panoramic top floor apt. has master bedroom, sitting room, separate dining room, two bathrooms (2-3 persons).

Spanish Steps "ROME SEAGULLS": panoramic penthouse attic, with two terraces and incredible views of all Rome, two bedrooms, two sitting rooms, two bathrooms, kitchen. Remarkable equipment. Elevator.

"LEONARDO" (Via della Croce): a large three double bedrooms, sitting room, 2 bathrooms, terrace apartment hosting up to 6-7 persons. Complete equipment.

"ANITA" (Via delle Carrozze): a large upscale suite with three bedrooms, sitting-dining room, three bathrooms, large kitchen, remarkably equipped (3-6 persons).

"REGINA" (Via San Giacomo): a large upscale suite with three bedrooms, sitting room, separate dining room, three bathrooms, large roof garden, balconies (3-5 persons).

"THREE COINS" (Vicolo del Forno): a one bedroom attic, with sitting-dining room, additional private space and bed for one / two additional persons, and panoramic patio overlooking old Rome's roofs and the Trevi Fountain (2-3 persons).


Forest of domes seen from top of the Spanish Steps.
The Villa Medici

The Piazza includes the French convent with obelisk (you will find the photos in the page presenting the Spanish Steps quarter). As you walk on its stairs, you can see the domes of the photo above (particularly of the Church of San Carlo al Corso and of St. Peter. From the Piazza you can walk directly to the Borghese Gardens, and on the way you will find the most elegant and panoramic Villa Medici, formerly the Rome residence of the Medici family, and now seat of the French Academy.

The Hassler Hotel

In the opposite direction from the Piazza you walk through Via Sistina. You find here among the most famous hotels of Rome: the celebrated Hassler, the Intercontinental - De La Ville, and the Scalinata di Spagna, revealing that you are in one of the most desirable places in the world.
Naturally prices are astronomical, and international celebrities are usually guests of the hotels. The Hassler includes also one of Rome's finest restaurants, situated in a panoramic terrace with stunning views of Rome.

Via Sistina is traditionally the site of Rome chic fashion parlours and of very fine shops. Even "window-shopping" is a rewarding experience. The shops are naturally a great temptation for your wallet. Gilded plates remind the importance of the "haut coutoure" (high fashion) boutiques.
the Intercontinental-De La Ville hotel

High Fashion: TDM parlour, note the obelisk on top of the Spanish Steps mirrored.

Renato Balestra's shop
High fashion: Harper's boutique

The street though has also more common, though very useful and attended shops and premises.

Shoe shop
The Sistina Theatre

For ex. you find the best shoe shops in town (although in Rome there are so many). The street is also pleasant to stroll about, and is also the location of one of Rome's most famous theatres, with the same name of the street, the "Sistina". It usually performs quality musicals of Roman composer and authors about Rome's culture, both of the previous centuries (the so called "Roma sparita" or vanished Rome), and also of contemporary life.

Rome Sistina Street Trinita' dei Monti area

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