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Via Mario Fiori - Via Frattina

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The street was named "Via Frattina" because it leads to the convent of Sant'Andrea delle Fratte, where centuries ago there existed some woods (in the Roman dialect, "Fratte").

It is currently one of Rome's most chic streets, with fine shops, boutiques, and cafes. As it occurs in all the Spanish Steps area, estate and housing prices are astronomical.

The intersection between Via Frattina and Via Mario Fiori


"ROME SEAGULLS": luxury panoramic penthouse, with two terraces with stunning views of all Rome, two bedrooms (matrimonial and twin beds), two sitting rooms, two sparkling bathrooms (shower enclosure and bathtub), kitchen. Remarkable equipment. Elevator.

"Three Coins" (Vicolo del Forno): A one bedroom attic with ample sitting-dining room, and a panoramic patio overlooking old Rome's roofs and the Trevi Fountain (2-3 persons).

"Valentino" (Via Sistina): an upscale panoramic topfloor apt., with master bedroom, sitting room, separate dining room, two bathrooms, a patio and a large terrace overlooking all Rome (2-3 persons).

"Leonardo" (Via della Croce), a three bedroom, sitting room, 2 bathrooms, terrace apartment in an 18th century palazzo (2-6 persons).

"Anita" (Via delle Carrozze): a large upscale suite with three bedrooms, sitting-dining room, three bathrooms, large kitchen, remarkably equipped (3-6 persons).

"Regina" (Via San Giacomo): a large upscale suite with three bedrooms, sitting room, separate dining room, three bathrooms, large roof garden, balconies (3-6 persons).

Via Mario Fiori (or, to be precise, Via Mario de' Fiori) is dedicated to the famous 17th century master, internationally famous for his paintings on flowers (in Roman dialect "de' Fiori" - "of the flowers"), fashionable of the baroque period.
The street is the first intersection (both to the left and to the right) of Via Condotti as it begins from the Spanish Steps.

The quiet street has many fine shops, a few high-end hotels, and some fine restaurants, of which we recommend "al 34" (it takes the name from the street number).


Via Mario Fiori

Rome Via Mario Fiori

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