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Via delle Carrozze: the quiet, charming street right in front of the Spanish Steps

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"ROME SEAGULLS": luxury panoramic penthouse with two terraces and stunning views of all Rome, two bedrooms (matrimonial and twin beds), two sitting rooms, two sparkling bathrooms (shower enclosure and bathtub), kitchen. Wonderful attic apartment Remarkable equipment. Elevator.

"Three Coins" (Vicolo del Forno): A one bedroom attic with ample sitting-dining room, and a panoramic patio overlooking old Rome's roofs and the Trevi Fountain (2-3 persons).

"Valentino" (Via Sistina): an upscale panoramic topfloor apt., with master bedroom, sitting room, separate dining room, two bathrooms, a patio and a large terrace overlooking all Rome (2-3 persons).

"Leonardo" (Via della Croce), a three bedroom, sitting room, 2 bathrooms, terrace apartment in an 18th century palazzo (2-6 persons).

"Anita" (Via delle Carrozze): a large upscale suite with three bedrooms, sitting-dining room, three bathrooms, large kitchen, remarkably equipped (3-6 persons).

"Regina" (Via San Giacomo): a large upscale suite with three bedrooms, sitting room, separate dining room, three bathrooms, large roof garden, balconies (3-6 persons).

Despite its location right in front of the Spanish Steps, Rome's icon and a paramount international attraction, Via delle Carrozze passes unnoticed to tourist crowds. The street is nested in fact between mannerly palazzi, where motor circulation is not allowed (the pedestrian sidewalks close it on both ends), and the characteristic Roman carriages ("carrozze") frequently park at its beginning, nearly hiding it. Quiet and sophisticated, the street introduces you into a peculiar dimension, as if it were separate from all the other surrounding streets.

The beginning of Via delle Carrozze from the Spanish Steps square: elegant "Signori" and "Signore" (ladies and gentlemen) strolling and window-shopping.
Via delle Carrozze: the Anita apartment palace, just after the back of the Caffe' Greco (personnel entrance only, thus quiet

Cosy and colorful, the street is attended by a kaleidoscopic variety of people. Elegant and haughty Signori and Signore of the Roman upper class, and joyful, curious tourists who turn up nearly by mistake, have the upper hand. Yet you also find gentlemen strolling with their dogs, fine Roman ladies stretching their legs as they ride their bike, young pennyless lovers happily walking hand in hand, and the inevitable few poor immigrants innocently trying to sell their kitch copies of Italian label designer bags.

"Dolci & Doni" (Sweets and Gifts) a sophisticated cafe
The marble slab in the facade of the Anita apartment palace, commemorating Garibaldi's stay with his wife Anita in the property in 1849 (during the first Italian war of Independence)

The shops, the cafes, and the restaurants are distinctive features of this street. We recommend "Giggi" at the very beginning of the street, at n. 53-54 (tel. 066794213), a simple restaurant yet with good cuisine and affordable prices, offering a free dessert to the guests staying in the Anita apartment if they have their full lunch at the restaurant. Also "Toto' alle Carrozze" at no. 10 (tel. 066785558) is a valid alternative.

DRB, this boutique offers discounts to the Anita apartment guests
"Toto' alle Carrozze", restaurant
Via delle Carrozze 10, Tel. 066785558

For your leisure time, "Dolci & Doni" (Sweets & Gifts, Via delle Carrozze n. 85/b, tel. 0669925001) is an ideal place if you seek style and charm. The cafe has both tables ourdoors and in homey yet sophisticated little halls in the interior. It offers fine sweets, cocktails and wines, and meals too. 
Also the boutiques and jewellers are noteworthy. In particular DRB (Via delle Carrozze n. 46) has interesting discounts for the Anita apartment guests.

Restaurants and cafes have tables right on the street
"Siragusa", a fine jeweller

Rome Via delle Carrozze

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