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Via della Croce

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Of the very few streets beginning from Piazza di Spagna (the square with the Spanish Steps), Via della Croce is perhaps the liveliest, and yet it is not noisy. The photos you are looking where snapped in January, Rome's coldest month. As you can see, people still can't help enjoying themselves outdoors.

Right: Viia della Croce: section near Via del Corso, looking towards Piazza di Spagna - Madames shopping

Rome Spanish Steps Via della Croce


"Leonardo" (Via della Croce), a three bedroom, sitting room, 2 bathrooms, terrace apartment in an 18th century palazzo (2-6 persons).

Spanish Steps "ROME SEAGULLS": panoramic penthouse attic, with two terraces and incredible views of all Rome, two bedrooms, two sitting rooms, two bathrooms, kitchen. Remarkable equipment. Elevator.

"Three Coins" (Vicolo del Forno): A one bedroom attic with ample sitting-dining room, and a panoramic patio overlooking old Rome's roofs and the Trevi Fountain (2-3 persons).

"Valentino" (Via Sistina): an upscale panoramic topfloor apt., with master bedroom, sitting room, separate dining room, two bathrooms, a patio and a large terrace overlooking all Rome (2-3 persons).

"Anita" (Via delle Carrozze): a large upscale suite with three bedrooms, sitting-dining room, three bathrooms, large kitchen, remarkably equipped (3-6 persons).

"Regina" (Via San Giacomo): a large upscale suite with three bedrooms, sitting room, separate dining room, three bathrooms, large roof garden, balconies (3-6 persons).


In the street you find fine grocery stores (missing in the other streets around the Steps), and there is also a little vegetable market at the corner with Via Bocca di Leone ("Lion Mouth Street").

Right: the beginning of the Via della Croce street from the Spanish Steps square. You can notice a table where people are asked to sign a petition: community life is important in Rome, even in the elitarian Spanish Steps area, where you find the world highest concentrations of boutiques, jewellers and art dealers.

Rome Spanish Steps Via della Croce beginning from Piazza di Spagna

There are many typical Italian restaurants, which between March and late October prepare outdoor tables. Even Rome's Austrian restaurant is situated in Via della Croce (right photo below). As a matter of fact, Austrian towns (Vienna, Salzburg etc.), with their Baroque churches and monuments designed by Italian architects resemble Rome, an additional proof of the Eternal City universal nature, and mother of most European towns.

Rome Spanish Steps Via della Croce Via Bocca di Leone market
Rome Spanish Steps Via della Croce Austrian restaurant
Via Bocca di Leone market
Rome's Austrian restaurant in Via della Croce

Rome Spanish Steps Via della Croce D'Angelo cafe and confectionery shop

Via della Croce, with its lively and imaginative atmosphere, the irresistible scents of restaurants and pastry shops (like D'Angelo's), its fine boutiques, and its varied, cosmopolitan people is the ideal choice if you want to experience the Spanish Steps, Rome's most iconic area, and also savour a relaxed, cozy Italian street.

Left: "D'Angelo's" cafe and confectionery shop, prepares especially in the morning a vast assortment of cakes and croissants.

Rome Via della Croce

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