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In Rome you fill find countless restaurants, suiting all tastes and wallets. However, their cuisine is standardized. You would never experience a real, traditional Roman meal of your choice, prepared in your Rome apartment by a Roman chef, possibly "al fresco" in your terrace - also giving you lessons on how preparing the meal, and insight on the Roman and Italian cuisine. Best of all, the fare is very reasonable - a gesture of Roman hospitality.

This is why we thought of preparing for you a ROMAN COOK SERVICE & LESSON. We are preparing this for you FREE OF AGENCY COMMISSIONS, you only pay the Roman cook.

That's right: we will have no profit: we are doing it following the request of many guests, to enable them to appreciate a quintessential Roman feature: food and cooking.

Mind you, the cook service is NOT a catering service! Meals will be prepared at your home, so you can follow and learn how to cook, also asking questions and explanations!

In addition to cooking tips, you will thus be able to understand the underlying spirit and outlook of the Roman cuisine.

To ensure a better understanding, also of your taste, likes and dislikes, the cook comes with an English speaking assistant, so you will have *two* persons working to help you better understand the Roman cuisine!

Rome spaghetti and Rome apartments

The traditional spaghetti, and much more


Cook Anna with guests

This is how it works. Typically, the cook and the assistant will come at your Rome apartment or Rome villa at 4 PM, after your daily sightseeing.

The cook - Signora Anna, a most friendly Roman lady - will inspect your cuisine to ascertain which ingredients are already available, then she will purchase in the grocery shops nearby the missing ingredients.

Naturally, you are welcome to participate and to shop with the cook, so you will discuss together the menu. The cost of buying the groceries is your responsibility.

Once back home, the cook will begin preparing the meal, also explaining to you how it is prepared. Naturally, you are welcome to ask questions and explanations. The meal is served at 7:30- 7:45 PM.

Left: the cook Signora Anna cheered and questioned by guests as she cooks.


The price of the Roman cook service (inclusive of the assistant's work as translator) is 120 Euro, which includes the 4 hours they will shop with you to buy the groceries, the cooking, until they serve the meal at 7:30-7:45 PM. They would normally leave at 8 PM. The cost of the groceries is not included, you will pay them at the grocery shops when you will buy them (it is impossible to determine the cost, as it depends on the menu you will want - again you will be able to choose the ingredients and the groceries with the help of the cook).


- if you want the cook and the assistant also to serve you the meal (waitress service) this will cost you 35 Euro in addition.

- if you want them also to clean the dishes, this will cost you 35 Euro in addition, however please bear in mind that the service must end no later than 10 PM (the cook and the assistant must return to their families!).

In the end, the Italian-Roman cook service and the cooking lesson will be a great addition to your holiday.

Rome apartments and cooking service, the ingredients
Typical ingredients of the Italian cuisine

Roman cook at your home and cooking lessons prepared by Roman Homes

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