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Rome is surely the most scenic town in the world. Nowhere else you will find imposing monuments, countless churches, sights, wonderful piazzas, thousand fountains and masterpieces, scenic hills and parks.

There are many viewpoints in Rome (click here to see the specific page with photos on them). Yet you will always miss some sight, and since no other town has countless things to explore, we thought of preparing sightseeing flying tours over the Eternal City and the Roman Castles (and further beyond upon request)! No viewpoint can match the view from an aeroplane! This wonderful and economic service is *only for Roman Homes customers*.

A large fleet of aircrafts


There are two flying tours: one over Rome, and another over the Roman Castles. Each lasts 20 minutes, over 40 Km (25 miles) of exciting panoramic flight. Passengers flying for the first time receive a "First Flight" testimonial. Flights occur on day time, from dawn to sunset, holidays included. They are subject to reservation for groups of minimum two passengers.

Rome fly: the Pantheon

Rome fly: Piazza Navona

The price is 90 Euro (app. 110 US$ or 65 GBP) per person (taxes included). The service is ONLY FOR ROMAN HOMES® CUSTOMERS. Rome's URBE airport is different from Fiumicino "Leonardo da Vinci" airport, or from Ciampino airport. It is on the Via Salaria, 5 kilometers (3 miles) far from downtown, a 20 minutes drive. So it is nearer to the city centre. You will necessarily have to use also our efficient and cost-effective car service, who will pick you from your apartment or residence, and bring you to the airport, wait for your flight, and bring you back. Please read how to organize the car service below.


CityFly® offers also an air taxi service. In fact there are many locations in Italy very hard to reach with surface or sea transport, and whose airports are not served by regular airlines. For ex. one hour is enough to reach the Emerald Coast in Sardinia. Also the inaccessible and beautiful Corsica can be reached in one hour, while there are no direct airline flights to it from central Italy, and there is only a very time consuming ferry service from Leghorn (Livorno) To enquire, just write your specific requirements in the COMMENT SPACE of the above form. The cost estimate of any flight, with a vast range of aircrafts, can be provided in very short time. Flights can be organized quickly.

The Emerald coast in Sardinia

Rome flying service

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