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Qualified staff and a prestigious central location in via Frattina gives a real presence to your business in Rome without any start-up, overhead or hiring costs.

We offer you a wide range of services, including the handling of post and telephone calls, the availability of conference rooms and training rooms, the assistance of exclusive secretaries and the possibility to have your official Italian legal address (domiciliazione legale).

You can implement or expand immediately your activities avoiding all the costs of the set-up and running of a new office, selecting, hiring, and training of staff, and the thousands of other unpredictable costs that emerge. We call the ample array of these services VIRTUAL OFFICE.


The briefing room


Virtual Office ensures the smooth running of your business with the support of expert multilingual secretaries, ready to provide qualified assistance. It takes care of everything from arranging your meetings to welcoming your clients.

We remain open continuously (without the standard Italian afternoon break) from 9 am to 7 pm.


Virtual Office is also able to handle all of the post for your Virtual Rome Office. Correspondence addressed to you, arriving at our office, is handled according to your instructions (which can be adjusted whenever you like). You can choose to have them read over the phone, transmitted via fax or by email, have them sent by express courier, or simply held until you come to collect them.


Virtual Office puts an ISDN telephone line at your disposal, with the possibility to choose from three different possibilities, to serve every type of need.

Simple Answering Service: Our expert secretaries, following your instructions, will answer to your calls, recording all the information on special forms. If requested, they can also arrange a calendar of your engagements.

Personalized Answering Service: This option permits you to give your clients the perception of an office which is entirely yours, thanks to the assignment of a dedicated phone line for your business. This gives territorial presence to the image of your company.

Call Forwarding: Our secretaries will announce calls before forwarding them to another regular phone line, or mobile. This transfer cannot be perceived in any way by the caller. This option allows you (virtually) to always be found in the office.


Virtual Office also offers a fax service for your benefit. In particular, you can use an ISDN fax number to send and receive documents and other materials.


Through Virtual Office, you can designate and use a new legal address which can be indicated on all of your official documents.


Virtual Office also provides physical space for your business. Rooms are available to organize business meetings, training courses, interviews, expositions, presentations and so on. Our qualified personnel can welcome and seat the participants.

The rooms are available in two different set-ups:
      - a conference room with a table for up to 10 people
      - a training room for 10 people, in addition to the speaker.

The conference rooms are equipped with telephones and wired for sound and data services.

The training rooms are equipped with networked computers to facilitate your presentations, training courses and other needs.


A courteous and professional English speaking secretary can be at your disposal to help you in your meetings and tasks with Italian professionals.

Postal Service € 36,50 / app. 40$
per month
Postal Service, Simple Answering Service, and Fax € 77 / app. 80$
per month

€ 51.6 / app. 60 $
per week (only for Roman Homes customers)

Postal Service, Personalized Answering Service with personal number and fax line € 154,90 / app. 180$
per month
Call Forwarding
(With or without a personalized answer)
€ 25,80 / app. 30$
per month
Domiciliazione Legale (Legal Italian address) € 826,30 one year / app. 1,000$
Conference Room* € 23,20 / app. 25 US$
per hour (min. 2 hours)
€ 77,50 / app. 90$
half day
€ 129,10 / app. 150$
full day
Training Room* € 51,70 / app. 60$
per hour (min. 2 hours)
€ 180,80 / app. 200$
half day
€ 309,90 / app. 360$
full day
Your Own Dedicated Secretary* € 23,20 / app. 26$
per hour

Prices do not include 20% I.V.A. (V.A.T., Value Added Tax), added on top.

(*) Available only to subscribers of Virtual Office. The expenses of the electricity, climate control, maintenance, and cleaning are included.


Virtual Office is in the Business Center Frattina, on via Frattina number 89, in the heart of the historic center of Rome, just a few steps from the Spanish Steps and the elegant via Condotti. What better location to represent your activities?

Our office, your Virtual Office, besides being in one of the most beautiful and prestigious quarters in the world, is easily reached from Stazione Termini (Rome's central train station) by means of the 'A' line of the underground (the 'Spagna' stop). It is likewise well connected to the central airport, Fiumicino, and to all central locations.


Your Office in the heart of Rome, just near the Spanish Steps

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