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Piazza Navona are quarter

Navona 4 bedroom 4 bathroom attic with 2 terraces and 360 degree panoramic Rome views


Designer four bedroom (five in the good season) four bathrooms apartment with sitting room, dining room, two expansive terraces / roof garden endowed with 360 degrees panoramic views of nearly all Rome's sights. Elevator. Now with a second kitchen near the terrace! BRING YOUR BINOCULARS!

  • Elevator
  • air conditioning
  • Jacuzzi with ultrasounds
  • Landline telephone - fax
  • Internet Wi-Fi high speed connection
  • 40" colour TV with satellite dish
  • washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher
  • privately-regulated heating system (independent from palace regulations)
  • silver cutlery service
  • American coffee percolator - Italian coffe pots - microwave oven

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(photos and text below)

"The panoramic view of Rome is worth alone the trip to Italy", wrote the French traveller De Brosses in the 18th century. Indeed, he referred to the view from the Janiculum hill, yet he would have had second thoughts had he stayed in this wondrous penthouse, perfectly situated in Rome's centre, with a clear 360 degree view of nearly all Rome's sights from its terraces and windows.

Nothing can be quite as quintessential Roman than comfortably staying in a panoramic penthouse in Rome, spending leisurely teatime or lunchtime "al fresco", or simply lingering with friends in the terrace.
You could not help watching for hours and hours the sights, trying to single out the dome or monument you visited strolling about Rome - or that you intend to discover the next day.

You will feel that you really understand and appreciate Rome, and that you are really worthy of her infinite charms.

Truly, Rome casts this spell to all its visitors since 3,000 years, yet there is no better place than this to feel the magic.

This unobtainable penthouse is endowed with two expansive terraces, as panoramic as they get.

(right): One of the two dining tables with chairs of the lower terrace, with view of Rome's centre.

The terraces include a large sitting area, and three tables with chairs.

(right) The large sitting area of the lower terrace , with three sofas and a small table.

The lower terrace also has a little table for servings of teacups and coffepots.

In the panoramic photo below you can have a general view of the lower terrace.

The sitting area is to the right, and the two dining areas are in the centre and left side.

The higher terrace, with stunning views of nearly all Rome's sights.

This terrace is ideal for breakfast or a tea, or to consult your Rome guide, with direct view of all the sights.

Bring your binoculars, as the views are amazing - and most complete!

In this VIEWER below you can see all the sights, monuments, hills and churches that can be seen from the terraces of the attic.

Please be a little patient as the photo is a large file, it takes appr. 4-8 seconds to download. To see all the sights of the panorama, just put the mouse over the photo, and while pressing it, move it to the left or right (or also up and down!), and the photo will rotate accordingly.

Among the countless sights you can see: Piazza Navona St. Agnese church (dome and belfry), the shell-wise dome of St. Ivo alla Sapienza, the Altar of the Fatherland (Victor Emmanuel monument), the Church of Jesus, Palazzo Altieri, the Quirinale Palace (the palace of the Popes, then of the King of Italy, now of the President), the Borghese Gardens, Villa Medici (French Academy), the Pincio Gardens, the Villa Malta, the Palace of Justice, the Monte Mario Hill, Castel St. Angelo, the Farnesina Palace, the Vatican Palaces (including those with the Sistine Chapel), St. Peter's Basilica, the Tower Clock (Torre dell'Orologio by Francesco Borromini), the Church Chiesa della Pace, the Church of San Salvatore in Lauro, the Janiculum Hill (lighthouse of Manfredi, the statue of Garibaldi overlooking Rome, St. Peter in Montorio, the Pauline Fountain), the Church Chiesa Nuova, the Church of St. Paul at the EUR, the Palazzo Farnese - and many others - naturally, also plenty of old Rome's roofs!

The above panorama was taken with wide angle lens. All the sights, domes and monuments you can single out from the terraces appear much closer and more visible. To see them, please click here.

Rome panoramic apartments with terrace and views


One of the many views from the windows of the apartment.

In the forefront you can see the church of Santa Maria della Pace, and after it, the dome of the Church San Carlo al Corso, the Villa Medici in the Borghese Gardens .

In the detailed presentation of the apartment (index on top, please click) you will find a complete coverage of all the monuments and sights which you can see.

One of the many views from the high terrace: the Torre dell'Orologio (Clock Tower) of Francesco Borromini, and the Church of San Giovanni Battista dei Fiorentini.

Rome penthouses attics with terrace and panoramic views

From left to right you can see: the dome of St. Agnese in Piazza Navona and one of its two belfries, the shell-like dome of St. Ivo alla Sapienza by Francesco Borromini, the medieval "Broken Tower", and finally the dome of the Church St. Mary of Loreto in the Roman Forum.

In the detailed presentation of the apartment (index on top, please click) you will find a complete coverage of all the monuments and sights which you can see. If you want to go directly to the page showing all the sights, please click here.

(text and photos below)

The apartment and the interiors are wonderful in their own right, leaving aside the two fantastic terraces, and the views you have from nearly every window.

The "Rome Panorama" features 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (of which one bedroom and one bathroom, situated in the lower terrace, are best suited during the warm season).

The sitting room is very large and charming, and it is endowed with a fireplace and a desk (let alone with beautiful views from the windows).

The photo above shows the sitting room. Notice the domes visible from the windows, the perfectly working fireplace, and the stairs leading to a loft.

The photo to the right shows the sitting room from another angle.

You can see the comfortable desk, and especially the large, thick old chestnut beams brightly painted with a grade in tune with the "cotto" floors.

As in all the property, the architect created an interplay between apparently conflicting styles: traditional old-fashioned Italian features (cotto floors, wooden beams and furniture) and contemporary features, including large expressionist paintings.


There is a separate dining room, and also two kitchens (the master and one near the terrace, to avoid going back and forth to the main one to prepare meals "al fresco"). In the photos below you can see the gracious foyer (lobby) of the apartment, and the dining room. Again you can see the carefully conceived match of old and modern - notice the interplay of dotted modern expressionist paintings and the linearity of the wooden beams.


The mezzanine of the apartment (top left photo) provides a cozy space to read or use the computer. It is also equipped with a clever washroom (with washer and clother-dryer), tucked in the interspace of the wooden ceiling. It is also near a large storage room (which can become a 6th bedroom!). The mezzanine leads to the higher corridor (right photo), with refined "graniglia" floors, and large designer wardrobes.

The higher corridor leads to the two higher bedrooms. To the right you can see the ample double bedroom, endowed with beautiful "graniglia" floors, whose design has a cretive interplay with the same type of tiles of the corridor.

The room is endowed with two ample wardrobes. From the window you can see picturesque old Rome roofs and the characteristic streets of the quarter.

The high corridor also leads to the second single bedroom. An additional bed can be placed in this room, which thus becomes a twin bedroom.

This room is endowed with spectacular views of Rome's domes, and it is sunny at all times.

The first double bedroom. It is endowed with a loft ( balcon gallery) where another bed can be placed.
The first single room, with entry from the above corridor.

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The lower terrace is endowed with a guestroom. The single bedroom has en-suite bathroom (visible in the photo to the right as its door is open).

From the window of this room you have beautiful views of Rome.

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The functional and well appointed kitchen of the apartment.


Two of the four bathrooms. The right photo shows the sparkling bathroom of the first single room. The right photo shows the bathroom of the first double bedoom.


Navona Rome Panorama large attic with terraces and panoramic views 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms

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