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In the quarter you will find many restaurants. Of course you will find all the Italian ones that your heart desires, from cosy family run "trattorie" and "pizzerie" to fine "ristoranti", with all the regional variants. You can also find restaurants of other cuisines (French, Chinese, Japanese, Indian etc.). And there are also many "gelaterie" (ice cream cafes), bars, pastry shops, wineries for connoisseurs, "torrefazione" (special bars where you can drink or even buy the coffee specifically ground and toasted by the house). You really have the embarrassment of richness. And if you feel like cooking at home, not only you will find normal supermarket (in Via del Boschetto towards Via Nazionale, to the right: "Margherita"), fruit shops, but also cosy, old-fashioned grocery stores in Via dei Serpenti.

Rome Chicco di Grano
Working hard at the oven

We recommend "Chicco di Grano" (Wheat Grain), in Via degli Zingari 5-6- 7-8, corner with Via del Boschetto 115-114 (tel. 0647825033). They prepare nearly 30 different types of Pizza with wooden fire oven, according to the Neapolitan tradition, not the Roman. We recommend Neapolitan pizza as opposed to the Roman (it is quite hard to find the former in Rome, and you will generally have to surrender...when in Rome...).
In the Neapolitan pizza the dough is let aside to raise, the pizza is thicker and more dressed. "Chicco di Grano" also prepares 40 different types of Bruschetta, a Roman speciality of grilled bread dipped in olive oil and garlic (with many variants). Mind you, it is pronounced "Bruskettah" as the "ch" has a K sound in Italian.

Chicco di Grano is also an excellent restaurant, with a rich menu, with many Mediterranean dishes.

Rome Chicco di Grano tables
A large, clean hall
Rome Via Panisperna restaurant
Goffredo, opening hour:
everyone is ready to go.
Another restaurant we recommend is Goffredo in Via Panisperna 231 (tel. 064740620, closed on Monday). It is very old, as it was founded in 1886. Enrico Fermi, the physicist who discovered the fixation of Uranium, had his meals here. The restaurant has two halls, both very well appointed. A large variety of dishes from various Italian regions are prepared and presented in a very fine way. The service is courteous and attentive, and the friendly owner Mr. Roberto Pepi is most hospitable. For a menu "a la carte" (choosing your preferred dishes) expect to pay around app. 40 US$ or 26 Euro for a meal with vegetables.
Rome restaurant owner
Mr. Roberto Pepi poses proudly near the photo showing him on a Vespa scooter during his first year in Rome as a child in 1957

Rome Il Gelatone ice cream parlor interior
Interior: a cool, air conditioned hall

If you are thinking of "Gelato" (ice cream), we recommend "Il Gelatone" (The Big Ice Cream), in Via dei Serpenti 28 (tel. 064820187). The ice cream is not only big, it is just G-R-E-A-T, one of the best in town! Chef Paolo prepares about 100 variants of fresh and home made Gelato, including all sorts of fruit ice cream, more classical flavours, and new ones he creates (for ex. "Crema Antica" - Ancient Cream). He also prepares ice cream with soy milk (without cow milk), and also without sugar for those who are on diet.

Rome Il Gelatone ice cream parlor counter
The long counter with over 100 flavours

Other shops we highly recommend are:

"Adriano", Barber shop, Via Panisperna 46 (tel. 064817901). An old fashioned barber shop, still with the spiral outside, and great atmosphere inside. Adriano is a talented barber, but above all he is the sweetest man on earth, you will have the impression of being served by your best friend. His customers love him, and forgive him for being a "Lazio" and not a "Roma" fan (the two teams rival for Rome's supremacy in football-soccer, with Roma being more popular in Rome and Lazio in its region). A full hair cut will cost you 13 Euros (app. 18 US$). Shampoo will cost 5 Euros, and a beard cut will cost 7.5 Euro.

Adriano (right) with the "Lazio" shirt on his shoulders

Rome Via Panisperna Monti quarter barber Adriano

"Internet Cafe". Via Cavour, 213 (tel. 0647823051). Metro line B, Cavour stop, also buses 27 and 117. E-mail, AOL Netmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail. As low as 1.5 Euro (app. 2 US$) for one hour. Also scanner/printer, fax, international phone service. A ten hour card will cost you 35 Euro (app. 34 US$).

"Maria Teresa's Artshop". Via del Boschetto 1B (corner with Via Panisperna) - Tel./ fax 064744679. This shop has a wide collection of 19th and 20th century antiques. The lamps are particularly varied and interesting. The shop also has an ample supply of various 20th century gifts and curious objects. Maria Teresa is a very amiable and pleasant person.

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