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Rome Church of San Domenico and Sisto

Via Panisperna: Church of San Domenico and Sisto

Rome Church Saint Chaterine and Torre delle Milizie
Church of Saint Catherine (Santa Caterina) and Torre delle Milizie, also known as Torre Spaccata

The Monti quarter is densely populated by an astounding number of churches. The Church of San Domenico and Sisto is part of a convent also hosting a Catholic University. The Church of Santa Caterina is between the Monti and the Quirinale hills. The Church adjoins the Torre Spaccata, the extant lower part of a medieval tower, from which rival family clans used to watch and possibly slain opponents.

Rome Piazza della Repubblica or Piazza Esedra
Piazza della Repubblica (also called Piazza Esedra), with the fountain of the Naiadi, and the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli by Michelangelo, and the Diocletian Baths in the back.
Rome Santa Maria degli Angeli
Interior of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Two other notable churches in the area stand near Trajan's Column.

Rome Santa Maria di Loreto church
The church of Santa Maria di Loreto near Trajan's column
Rome Santissimo Nome di Maria church
The church of the Santissimo Nome di Maria (St. Mary's Holiest Name), still near Trajan's column

Finally the church of Santa Maria ai Monti is situated in the centre of the quarter. The church is ancient, although the facade has a typical 17th century style.

Rome Santa Maria ai Monti church
Santa Maria ai Monti
Maria altar near the church of Santa Maria ai Monti Rome
The Madonna on the side of the church

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