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Other monuments in the Monti quarter

The quarter Monti has countless monuments and sights in addition to the world famous Roman Forum, Coliseum, Santa Maria Maggiore, Domus Aurea, St. Peter's in Chains or San Pietro in Vincoli

In fact, you can find the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, or Exhibit Palace in Via Nazionale. Built at the end of the 19th century, it peculiarly has no windows facing outside. It hosts regularly major exibits. It can be reached from Stazione Termini by means of bus 64.

Rome Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Palazzo delle Esposizioni
(Exhibits Palace)
Rome Quirinale Palace
The Quirinale Palace

The Quirinale Palace was the former city residence of Pope Gregory XIII. After Rome's conquest by the Italian army in 1870, it became Rome's residence of the Italian Kings, which notably belonged to a Northern Italian dinasty. After the fall of Monarchy in 1948, it became the permanent seat of the Italian President of the Republic, elected by the Parliament every 7 years. The Palace stands out in Rome as it is high, massive and it was built on one of Rome's hills, the Quirinale. It is one of the largest and most elegant European palaces, rivaling with Versailles and the Winter Palace in Russia.

Rome's Opera
The Opera

Rome's Opera is situated in Via Torino, near Via Nazionale, between the Monti and Esquiline quarters. Shows are regularly staged.

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