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Trevi Fountain Rome panoramic attic with terrace one bedroom

Spanish Steps - Trevi Fountain

"Three coins" panoramic penthouse with terrace

Trevi Fountain Three Coins apartment Trevi Fountain Three Coins apartment Trevi Fountain Three Coins apartment

The entrance, the foyer (lobby)

A one bedroom attic. with sitting-dining room, additional private space and bed for two additional persons, with a panoramic patio overlooking old Rome's roofs and the Trevi Fountain.

  • Elevator
  • Free 24/7 Wi-Fi fast internet connection
  • Silent air conditioning in every room
  • Self-run heating
  • Telephone
  • Colour TV
  • Stereo (CD player, tuner)
  • Washing machine
  • Iron, iron board
  • Additional kitchenette in the patio.
  • Baby cot-crib bed

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The layout of this most charming attic is intriguing. Past the entry door you find an ample lobby (foyer), with elegant furniture.

The foyer is an ample space. In includes a large bookcase, with many shelves, with also a TV set.

Its large window overlooks the silent secluded court of the building.

The large sofa is very ample, and it can sleep comfortably one person.

Moreover as you can see in the opposite photo below, the space is endowed with a large, elegant and thick courtain (with own rails), which can separate entirely the sleeping area from the rest of the apartment, to ensure privacy and complete obscurity, if needed.

The window is endowed with soft courtains (to ensure privacy), but it also has thick metal shutters for complete obscurity.

A chair, a carpet and a fine portrait of the owner adorn the room.


Three Coins foyer



In the opposite photo of the foyer you can see clearly the thick courtain, with dedicated rails. It enables to separate if required the foyer from the rest of the apartment, transforming it into private sleeping quarters.

You can also see past the entry door (which is behind the large courtain) that there is a little space, beneath the stairs leading to the body of the attic, with a little storage space encircled by a small coutrain, which includes clothes-pegs.
It is used to hang clothes (for example your raincoat).
You also find a litte brown chest of drawers where you can lay the keys of the apartment once you enter.

The entire room is paneled with tapestry.


foyer opposite view

As you can see the entrance ends with a small flight of wooden stairs leading to the upper levels. In fact, an original feature of the attic is its layout in three levels, accessed by means of two small charming wooden flights of stairs, each made of a few steps, very easy to climb.
As you climb from the foyer, aAfter a few steps you find the level with the bathroom, the kitchen, and a storage space. After a second flight of easy steps you reach the sitting room, the master bedroom, and the terrace.

the stairs of the apartment

the stairs reaching their end
Both wooden flight of stairs of the attic seen from the landing of the middlelevel including the kitchen and the bathroom.
The steps from the landing of the middle level with the kitchen and
the bathroom to the sitting room, seen from the top.


Rome apartment near Trevi Fountain Three Coins

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