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Ancient Appian Way:
Villa di Fiorano

Deluxe, large aristocratic villa with park just outside town, along the ancient Appian Way (Appia Antica).

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Elegant villa within the ancient Appian Way archaeological park, inside Rome (!), with a large garden.
Ideal for refined cocktails, parties and weddings with exquisite catering, for 12-200 persons. It also hosts 12 persons in 6 suites. Nearby jogging, arch. excursions, horse riding, biking, golf.

The villa is along the Appia Antica (ancient Appia Way), the entrance is from the very ancient road paved with cobblestones. At the gate there is an ancient Roman temple, dedicated to Hercules.

The villa is just outside Rome's centre (still within the town boundaries), surrounded by the green and lush Ancient Appian Way archeological park, an area where the protection of the environment is enforced, and where thus building is forbidden. As you can see from the map of Rome, the park (5,800 hectares!) stretches right into town, ending at Porta San Sebastiano of the ancient walls of Rome. The park is surrounded by the normal urban layout. Although one has the impression of being in the country side, the villa is thus actually very close to the centre.

Villa di Fiorano - general view

It is by far the largest and most sophisticated villa in Rome, ideal for VIPs. Sheep and ancient Roman ruins endowe the gracious Roman countryside landscape, where you would normally find nothing but buildings.

Side view

Side view of the fountain, of the pool and of the villa

The villa has two floors, with 7 double bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 3 sitting rooms (the largest is 210 square mts. appr. 2,250 square ft. large!).

The 17th century fountain, ending in the
very large pool

The villa includes a private park of 3 hectares (30,000 square mts. or appr. 310,000 square ft.), with fountains, a large swimming pool, and a tennis court.

The villa can also be booked for night parties, celebrations (weddings, birthdays etc.) and family reunions.

Besides the most beautiful property, it is located as mentioned within minutes of Rome's centre, and thus it is easily accessible.

The pool, general view, with the tennis courts near the Ancient Appian way

Night party by the pool

The elegant and spacious entrance

The entrance, view of the foyer and of the park in the end, after the large glass windows

The large foyer

Second part of the foyer, with view of the park of the villa through the glass windows

Dining room

The second sitting room

The first. larger sitting room (unfurnished as it shown while it is being prepared for a banquet)

Other view of the larger sitting room (unfurnished as it shown while it is being prepared for a banquet)

The elegant stairs to the second floor

Sleeping quarters - one of the suites.
The master bedrooms have large terraces with stunning views of the Roman Castles and of the Appian Way archeological park

In this property the maids and the matron live in an annex, and work at your disposal. There is also a cook at your disposal. Moreover, you could write down a list of groceries you want them to buy for you, and they will also possibly cook them for you.

As mentioned, because the villa is very near the centre, you will be able to visit the Eternal City's centre, and all its surrounding areas, in minutes, without the long hauls from Tuscany or Umbria, or even from the region of Rome (which is very large) if you were to rent a villa in such locations. However, we recommend that you rent a car if you rent a villa in Italy, to enjoy completely all the potentials of such form of rental.

This beautiful villa prepares cocktails and meals for weddings and celebrations.

Prices are depend on the number of persons and on the service required (floral decorations, catering, cocktail etc.). Please inquire about the price.

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Our PRICES are ALL INCLUSIVE. They include: rent, agency commission, cleaning fees (with linen / towels / soap supply), check-in/out done by a professional assistant, assistance during your stay, utility consumption of gas and electricity with generous limits.

Our quality properties are carefully selected, prepared and maintained.

We handle every aspect directly and personally. We are not an internet "portal", nor intermediaries: we don't "collect" many properties just to book them, cash commissions and pass on to others giving poor service: we only have limited selected properties to ensure attentive service. We will follow you in every stage and detail: extensive e-mail property and travel guidance before renting, check-in/out and assistance during the rental.

We are based in Rome, and we also prepare many side services and daily excursions.

Rome Villa di Fiorano elegant villa in the Appian Way Via Appia AnticaRome Villa di Fiorano elegant villa in the Appian Way Via Appia AnticaRome Villa di Fiorano elegant villa in the Appian Way Via Appia AnticaRome Villa di Fiorano elegant villa in the Appian Way Via Appia Antica

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