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Scenic and sophisticated villa with 30,000 sq. Mts. garden and pool, along the ancient Appian Way within Rome, surrounded by a spectacular archaeological park. 

Ideal for refined cocktails, parties and weddings with exquisite catering service, from 12 to 200 persons, it also hosts 12 persons in 6 suites.

In the ideal location you can also enjoy jogging, archaeological excursions, horse riding, biking, tennis, minigolf and golf.


  • The garden
  • The pool
  • The reception pavillon

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This utmost elegant villa is endowed with a 7,500 Sq. Mts. (1 acre) garden, surrounded by a larger park of 30,000 Sq. Mts. (4 acres).

The villa is also surrounded by the famous spectacular ancient Appian Way Park (Parco dell'Appia Antica), which is within Rome - and which is one of Rome's most important and desirable sights in its own right. Please visit the specific pages of the top index, showing you the sights, the maps, the aerial views, and also the specific local information of the area just outside the villa.

In the right photo you can see the section of the Appian Way with the gate of the villa. It is flanked by ancient Roman ruins and statues, and nearby there are two famous monuments: the Quintilii Villa, and also the Mausoleum of the Horatii and Curiatii (warriors of the first war of Rome with its neighbour Albalonga).

Appian Way villas

Despite the lush, green environment, the location is inside Rome (!). This occurs because all the area surrounding the famous ancient Roman road is an archaeological park, and only the very few properties which were built until WW2 were authorized to remain. Nevertheless, you find two buses bringing you to the very centre of Rome: the famous "Archeobus", touring all the sights of the Appian Way, and also a normal town bus (with a nearby stop in Via Erode Attico, where you find also normal shops, groceries and a small supermarket!).




Right: the villa and the swimming pool by nght.

Rome Luxury villas for wedding and reunions


Luxury Rome villas for weddings parties and reunions Left: the villa and the swimming pool by day



Rome villas with pool for parties

Rome villas with garden
Glimpse of the garden from the pool
One of the areas of the garden, notice the park after it


View of the park around the garden. After it, you can see the archaeological park of the Appian Way, with ancient monuments.
The garden and the park, glimpse while dining outdoors


A patio in the garden, covered by Wisteria plans (Italian: Glicine)
The facade of the villa, by night


Right: the swimming pool, and beyond it the garden, with view of a spectacular oak tree, under which there is a sitting area
Rome luxury villas pool for parties and weddings


Left: opposite view of the swimming pool,
with the pavillon for receptions


luxury Rome villas with pool Rome villas with pool for cocktail parties wedding
Sitting quarters by the pool. To the left you can have a glimpse of the sumptuous entrance path from the ancient Appian Way.
Same view, at night. Notice the torchlights placed everywhere in the garden and in the park


Rome villas for cocktails
The pavillon for receptions at sunset.
Typical tasteful, artistic preparation of the tables.
Same view, at night.
Notice the care for lighting, both with electric lamps and with torchlights.


A long table for wedding catering, with bouquets of flowers.
Another preparation with bouquets of flowers.


Rome villas for weddings Rome large villas with wedding catering service
The careful preparation of the catering
The attention of the chefs for the visual aspect of the receptions


Right: one of the suites of the ground floor, with view of the garden and of the swimming pool.  



Also the living quarters of the villa can be are prepared for dining purposes (naturally this occurs especially in fall and in winter).
Another view of the reception setting in the interior


The attention to details, and to the floral aspect.
Another view of the interior setting.


The living quarters: an old desk in the foyer
A bathroom of the suites, with Jacuzzi

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We are based in Rome, and we also prepare many side services and daily excursions.

Rome ancient Appian Way villa

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