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  Naturally apartments or villas are larger, more comfortable and less expensive than hotels (in fact they should be compared to hotel *suites* and not to hotel rooms).

Choosing a vacation rental though draws the line distinguishing the intangible value of individuality from mass production. A value requiring human touch and - yes - soul, which you rarely find in hotels. As the world re-values things produced the old, careful way, Europe is still making them, with craft, and care. Rome set the foundations of the European culture. The ancient Romans probably made the only real revolution in housing, and the entire Italian society is based on the concept of "home". The word "casa" (home) in Italian has a special meaning, and is actually the centre of society, of urban planning (including of the countless churches), and also of everyday life.
Rome apartments are endowed with beautiful views
Church view from a window in a top floor apt.

Hotels lack the attractiveness of charming homes in historical "palazzi". Renting an apartment is something distinctive in a world of sameness. It is also the most natural way to approach the remarkably rich Italian culture. People are tired of the superficial. Besides the countless monuments, masterpieces, the magical urban layouts and countryside, visitors want to experience the Italian society, enjoying the uniquely pleasant atmosphere, and having a taste of the human qualities of the Italians. In other words, they want to experience the *real* Italy. How could you do it if you have to unpack, and then pack after a few days, with a bread-and-butter tourist experience? This is why we say: "When in Rome (and in Italy), stay in homes as the Romans do!".

There are also practical reasons:

- staying in a hotel with a family and children? That's pretty hard with a family to feed. In an apartment or villa naturally you find a well equipped kitchen to prepare your meals, breakfasts and snacks. If you are tired and you don't feel like cooking (you are on holiday, after all...) you can buy take-away food, and heat it at leisure in your own kitchen, eating with real dishes and cutlery, and not with plastic ones.

- you are more couples, friends, or relatives together on holiday? An apartment or villa allows the purpose of travelling together, which is socializing. Enjoying yourselves in the comfort of your own sitting room is a completely different experience than meeting in a hotel lobby.

Eat in a fine dining table, with real dishes
Spanish Steps Regina: the dining room

- after a long day of sightseeing or business, you can get back to your home, and relax while preparing your tea or your meal, reflecting on the past day and planning the next one in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

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