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At Roman Homes we select carefully properties, which are hand-picked among thousands.
We also select carefully the owners, as they must be professionally responsible, offering properties in excellent conditions. Most proprietors in fact think that their properties are just so nice that they don't require ameliorations (while most of them need to be prepared adequately). We are not real estate agents, nor intermediaries, nor brokers, we will put you in contact with trustworthy proprietors.

We prefer to have a selected and limited number of properties, in order to ensure that every aspect is taken well care of.

Moreover, we don't "subcontract" our properties to other agents, we organize every aspect: extensive free e-mail property and tourist guidance, check-in / check-out, assistance, maintenance. If something doesn't work, the technicians and the proprietors do anything to fix it as soon as possible.

Quality Rome vacation rental agency

Monti: Bernini apt., the sitting room

Finally, we prepare many side services, making us popular also among travellers who are not our customers, and who ask us to use them (!). Their organization is complimentary for our guests, you just pay the service and not us organizing them for you.



When renting a property, we advise to check well:

- Its intrinsic quality: try to have information, description, and photos of the property. A serious company should give you *detailed* information on all aspects. A bad sign is if a property is presented with just very few photos, even if they look very nice. Check also well the equipment! If it is not adequate (within its category) it is a bad sign, as it shows lack of care of the agency or of the proprietors!

- Try to understand if the agency has just a mere collection of properties, or if instead they know them very well (like the back of their hand, ideally).

- Try to understand if the agency organizes every aspect, if it offers adequate assistance, or if instead they just want to put you up in the property.

- Check that the rental conditions are transparent and clear.

Rome apartments with nice views
Marco Polo top floor: one of the many domes which can be seen from the penthouse

- Prefer a company offering "all inclusive" prices. Frequently in fact you will find in the end additional expenses (electricity and gas consumption, cleaning fees etc.), which are just a way to increase the bill. In such cases, electricity and gas are also generally marked-up, i.e. charged at higher rates than they actually cost, to make a fringe profit. For longer stays this criteria may not be applicable.

- Prefer a company preparing for you SIDE SERVICES. At Roman Homes we prepare:

- CAR SERVICE (to or from the airport or train station etc.).

- DAILY EXCURSIONS* to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Roman Castles, Tivoli (Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa), Castelgandolfo (the Pope’s summer residence), Assisi, Tuscany, Umbria.


Remember, the success of your stay, and the quality of the property you will be renting, is largely in your hands, particularly when choosing the right people during the enquiry stage.


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