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Navona Campanella "Roman roofs": The terraces

A one bedroom top floor apt. with ample sitting-dining room, patio and panoramic terrace overlooking old Rome's roofs and sights.

  • Air conditioning
  • Internet WI-FI high speed connection
  • Colour TV with satellite dish to watch English-speaking and intl. channels
  • Normal landline telephone
  • HI-FI stereo (CD player, tuner)
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • American coffee percolator
  • Iron, iron board
  • Washing machine
  • Dish washer
  • Autonomous heating

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Apartment presentation

Location presentation

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The highlight of the top floor apartment are its terraces, or actually a patio and a terrace. They are accessed from the large window in the sitting room, bringing first to the patio, and then - through an iron-wrought staircase - to the main terrace.

Navona Roman Roofs penthouse
Early morning: the patio and its breakfast table

The patio is approximately 2 Mts. wide and 4.5 Mts. large (2.2 x 5 Yds.). It includes an iron-wrought table (with glass surface), with its chairs. It is an ideal place for breakfast, or simply to read, write or study, while wathching Rome's sites and the old roofs.

Roma Navona Roman roofs patio table to dine al fresco
Opposite view of the patio and of its table "al fresco"

An elegant large awning can cover the patio entirely. It is thus most useful not only because one can stay nicely in the patio without being grilled by the sun rays during the hot season, but also because it cools the apartment, preventing the sun rays to irradiate the sitting-dining room directly. The awning is motorized with electric control, and it is unfolded or folded by simply pushing a button.

Rome apartments with panoramic terraces and views
The higher terrace: general view

As mentioned, through a staircase one reaches the main terrace, which is appr. 4 x 6 Mts. (4.4 x 6.6 Yds.). It includes one bench and a little table, and it is ideal to dine "al fresco" overlooking Rome's roofs and sites.
The views are most picturesque and inspiring. It is also mesmerising watching the buildings and the sites from a silent perspective (as opposed to what normally occurs in Rome, since the good old days a noisy town).


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Views from the main terrace: North

To the North one can see the roofs of the palaces of Via dei Coronari (Rome's quaint street of antiquaries), and behind them the high trees flanking the Tiber, followed by Castel Santangelo. Formerly emperor Hadrian's mausoleum, Castel Santangelo was turned into a fortress by the Popes, to protect them from the barbarian invasions and also from Rome's aggressors. The last attack occurred in 1527, when the Lansquenets of the Spanish king Charles V besieged the castle. At that stage, the Pope's artillery bombarded the invading Spanish army from the fortress. To the right, one can also see the top of the Palace of Justice flanking the Tiber (also called "Palazzaccio" or ugly palace by the Romans, as they don't find it appealing).

South-East view: the roofs of the Piazza Navona quarter

Towards South-East the views are less epic, yet no less charming. The forest of roofs of the Piazza Navona quarter appear before your eyes. Chimneys, terraces of other attics, TV aerial and dishes, seagulls resting and nesting on the tiles are part of the scene.

For a more detailed presentation, please visit the next page, on the detailed views from the terrace.

All inclusive weekly price from 1,400 Euro (depending on the season, no. of persons etc.).

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Our PRICES are ALL INCLUSIVE. They include: rent, agency commission, cleaning fees (with linen / towels / soap supply), check-in/out done by a professional assistant, assistance during your stay, utility consumption of gas and electricity with generous limits.

Our quality properties are carefully selected, prepared and maintained.

We handle every aspect directly and personally. We are not an internet "portal", nor intermediaries: we don't "collect" many properties just to book them, cash commissions and pass on to others giving poor service: we only have limited selected properties to ensure attentive service. We will follow you in every stage and detail: extensive e-mail property and travel guidance before renting, check-in/out and assistance during the rental.

We are based in Rome, and we also prepare many side services and daily excursions.

Rome apartments in Piazza Navona Roman Roofs attic

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