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What happens after you booked a property, and you sent the deposit?

The NEXT STEP will be discussing and finalizing your arrival/departure arrangements. This is done starting from 30 days prior your rental beginning - kindly not before, as this is the appropriate timing, as it falls perfectly in context with your travel. We are also constantly pressured by hard both online work (replying to inquiries etc.), and carrying on the effective vacation rental service in one of the most complex and complicated towns on earth.
On the other hand, please do not contact us for the arrival / departure arrangements just before your arrival. In other words, it is also inconvenient if you delay this stage, and contact us for your arrival / check-in arrangements only a few days prior your rental beginning. In fact we need to organize well all the details of each rental, well ahead (arrivals and check-in of clients also frequently overlap!).  

The check-in is organized directly at the apartment.

About how getting to the apt., there are three solutions.

(1) Public transport:

it is rather a bad idea (also if combined with taxi at some stage), for
many reasons. First of all it is not really convenient, as the train from
the airport to the station would cost you 9 Euro x 2 = 18 Euro. If you take a taxi from the station, then you should add other 15-20 Euros (plus 1 -1.5  Euro per suitcase),  making the direct taxi from the airport (40-45 Euro) more convenient.

Moreover, the Fiumicino ("Leonardo da Vinci") airport is situated West of Rome, the Ciampino airport is situated South of Rome. The train station is situated East of Rome's centre. So in particular the commuter train from the airport passes through the centre, and then reaches the train station in the Eastern part of the city centre. So you will first get away from the heart of the centre, where the Old Rome is situated, then by taxi you will have to get back to the heart of the centre. So you will make a loop: west to east passing through the centre, then back again westward to the centre. This inevitably adds time to your transport.
Because Roms is the most important historical town in the world, built on top of ancient Rome, the archaeological treasures constraint the building of subway lines and stops. In Rome’s centre the subway is not a reference of transport. The nearest stop is the Coliseum (Colosseo). There are countless buses instead going from Termini station to all central destinations the most important is # 64, every two minutes, it goes nearly everywhere.

The other important reason why public transport is bad is that we need to have an as much precise as possible meeting time at the apt. with the responsible or the owners performing the check-in and financial dues, and giving you instructions on the apartment, the quarter etc. Public transport in Rome is not completely dependable (let alone that there many strikes), and it can never be foreseen how long it will take to get to your final destination.

We recommend:

- (2) Taxi
- (3) Car service

Please go to this page:
For the presentation of both, of advantages and disadvantages.

You will find the online booking form to book online the car service at this address:
(the car service company requires that you fill out the form, to avoid misundertandings, and to have all the details of your flights, no. of persons, luggage etc.).

Advantages and disadvantages (pros and cons) of both

A taxi will cost you app. 40-45 Euro plus "luggage fees" (1-2
Euro per suitcase). However, if you are more than three persons, you will need to take two, as they don't take more than three.

The car service, with Mercedes DeLuxe sedan (European model, smallest of the fleet), will cost you 60 Euro, including luggage transport. This applies in case if you have up to 4 suitcases and four small handbags. Also the car service will not take more than three persons. However, if you are four or five persons, the car service company can provide a Small Van, costing 80 Euro, including luggage transport. So the car service is more convenient in the end. For groups of 6 persons, a LARGE VAN is required, costing 85 Euro.

The car service has many advantages compared to taxi:

- Taxi sometimes are on strike, or if there is a general strike (quite frequent in Italy) they are overbooked (you will find yourself helpessly stranded at the airport).
- You will also have to walk all the way to the taxi stand, and stay in line waiting for your turn.
- Taxi cannot be booked (if not the night before), so you always take your chances of not finding them.
- On the contrary, the car service can be booked in advance (through us), and the driver of  will be just after customs with a board with your name.
- the courteous drivers speak English, and they will bring you straight to your apt., without need to give instructions (the apartments are not easy to find for taxi drivers).
- the drivers have also constant feedback with us waiting for you at the apartment during the plane landing, customs clearing, when they meet you at the airport, when they put you in the car.
- the check-in is geared on your plane landing and customs clearing, and not on a precise time at the apartment, which you could possibly (or most likely, in a complex town like Rome) will not be able to attend.
- last and not least, the cars are better and more comfortable than taxi (they are newer, larger, with AC etc.).

Practically, if you use the taxi, or public transport, we will have to decide a precise meeting at the apartment (where the check-in is performed directly), which is generally one hour and forty-five minutes after the landing time if you take a taxi, and two hours (or more) if you use public transport + taxi.

If you use the car service we organize, you just have to fill-out the above mentioned car service form indicating your flight arrival time, and the check-in will be geared on your arrival details.

So one month prior the rental beginning you will have to inform us:

- if you are using the car service (just fill in the form, it is that simple! we will give you clear instructions on how meeting the driver at the airport, phone numbers to call in case of problems, the precise address of the apt. in any case etc.)
- if you are using a taxi (meeting time is set one hour and forty-five minutes after the landing time).
- if you are using public transport + taxi.  


Still 25-30 days prior the rental beginning, we kindly need to know *your departure time*. The check-out from the properties is 10 Am in the morning. If you want to stay longer withing the same day, this should be asked beforehand, and it will be granted only if the property is not rented on that day, and usually by paying a supplement (because it prevents us from renting the property on that day, as it needs to be cleaned and prepared in the morning).

In any event, if you possibly need the *return* car service, whether to the train station or to the airport, it is for us necessary to prepare only one order message for the car service company, to avoid dispersion and possibly very damaging misunderstandings. So having all details in one document will help processing your services at all stages. In other words, if you require also the departure car service, it must be finalized together with the arrival one.

So kindly if you require also the return car service (whether to the airport, to the train station, or elsewhere), please fill out the car service booking form in the specific part regarding the departure.


You will have to inform us if you will want to get to the apartment by:

- PUBLIC TRANSPORT: long and complicated method, not really cost-effective: the meeting is however set directly at the apartment with us, TWO HOURS after you airplane landing.

- TAXI: practical, and rather cost effective (around 50 Euro), but subject to many variables, and to strikes (for which you will remain stranded at the airport). It cannot be booked ahead. Precise meeting time at the apartment 1 hour and 15 minutes after your landing time. Not convenient if you are 4 or more persons (you will need to take two or more taxi).

- OUR CAR SERVICE: best way, costs 60 Euro, with courteous English driver waiting for you at customs, with comfortable car, having feedback with the assistant waiting at the apartment, time geared on your arrival not a precise meeting. To book it, it is necessary to fill out the specific car service form:


Kindly, it is best suited to put then in context with the arrival / departure arrangements, so it is better discussing and ordering them during this stage (and not before or after, as some clients require).


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